Successful for over 60 years!

A tabular review

2023New Ownership of Möwe Teigwarenwerk GmbH with Mirko Bröcker, Retirement of Mr. Sengewisch
2019Range extensions (whole grains, spelt and reduced carbohydrates)
2018Acquisition of the HALAL certificate for the further expansion of supply relationships
2017Expansion of supply relationships in Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden)
2016Commissioning of an instant production plant
2015Energy audit according to SpaEfV and continuous testing and improvement of energy efficiency
2014Member of the Association for Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry e.V. (KAT)
Use of egg products according to the minimum standard for keeping ground (KAT certified)
2012Möwe’s 60th anniversary
Acquisition of our Kosher certificate
Investment in further product specialisation for the processing industry
2011 ffMöwe assortment listings in food retail, focus on New Federal States
2011Management Buy Out of Möwe Pasta Factory GmbH by Wolfgang Sengewisch
changeover to exclusive use of egg products raised on barn standards
2002Extension of the range of products for the processing industry and specialisation on baby food, whole grain and organic products
2001Acquisition of shares by the Birkel pasta GmbH IFS and organic certification
1999Management Buyout of the company by 3 Möwe managers
1994Establishment of the CSM subsidiary MSC in Hamburg and their consequent takeover of sales and marketing activities
Re-starting of operation with complete conversion to high temperature drying and introduction of the ISO 9001 quality assurance system
1991Acquisition of the shares of the Treuhand trust by the Dutch CSM group based in Amsterdam
1990Conversion from use of dried whole egg to liquid egg, founding of Möwe Pasta Factory GmbH, and formulation of the Möwe brand relaunch
Investment in new packaging and weighing technology
1987A high-temperature drying line for the production of spaghetti and macaroni with a capacity of 1400 kg / h
1984Production of gluten-free pasta in Zwenkau
1981 und 1982Absorption of Pasta plants in Zwenkau and Gadebusch into the Möwe organisation
1968Construction of a production hall for the installation of four automated lines
1956The trade mark “Möwe” and consecutive marketing of products under the logo and company name of the VEB Möwe Pasta Factory
1952Founding of the VEB Mecklenburg Pasta Plant in Waren (Müritz) with the trademark “MeTeWa” – Mecklenburger Teigwarenwerk Waren (Mecklenburg pasta factory goods)