The Möwe purity principle

Our pasta is made exclusively from the finest natural ingredients. Nothing else.

Möwe Pasta is free of dyes, flavourings and preservatives.

Quality management

The quality of our products is paramount. Which is why Möwe quality management is certified to the strict specifications of the IFS standard.
In addition to organic certification, Möwe is a certified Kosher producer.
We’d be happy to send you copies of our certification as a PDF on request. Please use our contact form.

Pure durum wheat semolina

Noodles are made from durum wheat.
In comparison to standard wheat, it has special gluten qualities, making the high-quality, robust cooking pasta more “al dente”. At the same time the dough has a firm consistency and maintains its shape. Pasta made of durum wheat holds up particularly well to cooking and is firm to the bite.


Another important ingredient for pasta production is the water which has to comply with the strict requirements of drinking water regulations.


The addition of egg contributes significantly to the fine taste of the pasta. It also gives egg pasta its typical golden look, improved cooking properties and increases the nutritional value.
We only use eggs from barn hens kept in certified and traceable barn conditions.